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About us

Exero is a Bulgarian company founded in 2013, offering a wide range of services and solutions with a focus in consulting, software product development, maintenance and protection of existing customer systems. Our team of experts has helped many organizations around the world to improve their skills, practices and knowledge in the field of software development, testing and security. With our assistance, they have been able to create secure effective products of high quality. Our solutions for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses are highly valued by our customers for their contribution to lowering costs and increasing revenues. Our services are tailored to the needs of your business and can be integrated with your available software solutions if desired. We also offer comprehensive support for the already built and available infrastructure (hardware and software) of your business. All through flexible subscription plans within a budget you’ve specified.

Principles we follow in partnership with our customers :

Faith and respect in our relationship with customers
Use of leading technologies and practices
Flexible conditions and adaptation to customer needs
Dedication to quality

We believe that the best marketing for our business is satisfied customers. We don’t rely on loud sites or media campaigns. To browse this site, you already know a customer satisfied with our services.


Our experience with customers shows that very often they have trouble correctly formulating their requirements for the products and services they need. The other main trend we are witnessing is the lack of expertise for the correct selection of counterparties.

The company has a team of professionals with in-depth expertise in the different fields of IT. We will help you deal with problems regardless of their nature. According to our clients, we are particularly useful in the following activities:

Recruitment for your IT department

Recruiting the right staff responsible for IT decisions can be extremely difficult, taking into account the specific knowledge that the employee must possess. Recruitment firms will fill you with résumés, but the candidates worth hiring will be few. Instead of getting a selection of well-qualified, selected candidates, you’ll need to go through hundreds of résumés one by one, which will waste a lot of your precious time. Very often, the information mentioned in the summaries will also not correspond to reality. Your problems won’t run out of time. The consequence of a lack of proper selection and the recruitment of unqualified candidates often leads to catastrophic consequences.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in a similar situation. Our qualified employee will not only select suitable candidates, but will also conduct the interviews with your future IT staff. For you, it will only remain to choose between candidates who have already been vetted and approved by us.

Selection of counterparties according to criteria you specify

Many clients turn to us for assistance in concluding IT services contracts with other companies. Exero serves as a support for its clients in choosing appropriate software solutions in relation to their activities. Thanks to our expertise and experience in the field, we assess the capabilities of the perpetrator of the service. We validate the parameters of the project proposed by the perpetrator. We support our wedges for a reasoned renegotiation of areas that are not cost-effective or expertly prepared. We audit the service or product delivered.

Security, maintenance, upgrade of available infrastructure

One of our most sought-after services is related to providing the physical and information security of your office or production areas. Our experts audit your infrastructure on the ground. They shall then draw up a report with a risk assessment and the necessary changes leading to increased security. These changes relate to adjustments in the network architecture, wiring, asset monitoring, video surveillance, the internal resources response plan of the company, etc. For the current service Exero offers attractive subscriptions on an annual basis.

Consultations related to the quality and security of a software product

Typically, our consultations and services in this field have two guidelines. Evaluation of a product own customer development or evaluation of one supplied by another company. In both cases, we use a solution in several steps. Investigative part including interview with stakeholders, analysis of the workflow and identification of shortcomings. A planning part that generally seeks a solution to the problems found. Executive part in which the new decision is implemented. Maintenance phase in which monitoring and assistance is carried out if there are emerging problems. Our main goal is to build a measurable IT process with an improved software application testing and development strategy. This in turn leads to improved efficiency of work and limitation of human errors. Very often we rely on automation of some of the processes and especially testing. The reason is that with a reduction in the remaining time until the end of the project and the onset of the moment when quality specialists try to focus primarily on critical parts for the system, automated testing makes their work more efficient.

In general, the benefits of automated testing can be summarized as:

Reducing overall costs related to quality control – This is achieved by reducing the work carried out by the team by hand
Shortened runtime – Due to the possibility of automated tests being performed quickly and at any time
Improving product quality – Automated tests eliminate the possibility of human error.
Optimizing the testing process – The additional time that automated tests provide to the team makes it possible to perform additional borderline, negative and other necessary product tests
Increase productivity – Automated tests reduce the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks
Better test coverage – Unlike manual testing, automated testing provides better test coverage when working with large amounts of data
Another important aspect is the increase in product security, especially when the possibility of leaking personal data or financial information is available. To do this, we perform the SAST and Penetration test already during development, as well as Blue/Red team simulations on the productive environment available to end customers.


You want to receive personalized advice from our expert contact us:


Mobile: +359 897 377 477